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Turkish-Inspired Bedroom Design in India

Want to give your Indian bedrooms a little Turkish touch? At Kitchen Kraft, we make it easier than ever for you to design style and furnish your Turkish bedroom. Get in touch with us today to get a variety of ideas and inspirations for Turkish styles to add to your bedroom and interiors. From colours, textures, furnishings, furniture, flooring, and more, we can tailor all the important elements of your bedroom to fit your and your family’s tastes and needs.

How do i select a bedroom design?

Our incredible team of skilled, experienced, and dedicated designers helps you create a Turkish-inspired bedroom in your style and budget. From basic room plan to detailed bedroom design, execution and installation, we will guide you throughout the process, from beginning to end.

Modern bedrooms

Modern bedrooms are characterised by neutral tones of grey, white and black, all serving as simple, base colours. Walls act as a backdrop to abstract patterns and geometric prints. Lines on furniture are clean, incorporating steel bed frames and side tables.

Country style bedrooms

 Neutral shades for painted walls are essential for country style bedrooms, and white with a hint of lilac, blue or green helps to create a softer look. Floral printed bedroom wallpaper works well on feature walls too. Pine or all white furniture are popular choices for the country style.

Industrial style bedrooms

The key traits of the industrial style bedrooms are raw elements and unfinished textures. Exposed brickwork is a popular choice for this particular style and truly characterises the utilitarian look. You can also paint brickwork white, for a brighter effect.

Rustic style bedrooms

Rustic style bedrooms are all about solid wood, which can be used with bed frames, timber walls, flooring and even ceilings. Rustic bedroom décor combines well with minimalist designs. White walls, black and white furniture and green accents, large wall hangings and accessories

Scandinavian style bedrooms:

Scandinavian style bedrooms are characterised by their simplicity, functionality and elegance. Earthy tones, beige and grey are juxtaposed with white painted walls. Hardwood floors can also be painted white and large wooden ottomans and vintage trunks are placed at the edge of beds, serving as attractive focal pieces and storage units. 

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