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Looking for a chick, ergonomic and contemporary kitchen design? Kitchen Kraft is a
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U-Shaped Kitchen

If you have a large area designated for the kitchen then a u-shaped kitchen design is just perfect for you. Since it maximizes countertop and storage space, many homeowners prefer this kitchen layout. If you are fond of cooking, u-shaped allows you to prepare meals with your loved ones and other family members in style.

L-Shaped Kitchen

It is one of the most common yet ideal kitchen layouts because it's efficient and looks awesome. As it allows you to make maximum use of available space, this layout is ideal for compact and small areas. The L-shaped kitchen design makes space for maximum storage and placement of a small dining table while providing enough area for people to work.

Parallel Kitchen

In terms of designing as per the necessity, it is one of the most efficient kitchens. With a two-wall galley kitchen layout, it can be split into dry and wet workspaces. Between the two long work stations, there is plenty of space for work and appliances. It is used when you have a longitudinal area for the kitchen or when the kitchen also serves as a passage.

In-line Kitchen

Due to its simplest yet beautiful kitchen layout, an in-line kitchen design is just perfect for small studios and apartments. From dishwasher to stove and sink, all the elements of the kitchen are placed along a single wall in this layout. It makes your kitchen airy and less cluttered; while it’s minimalistic style gives your home an elegant and classy look.

Island Kitchen

Designed either in a stringent line or l-shaped kitchen layout, the island modular kitchen is an attractive and contemporary option if you have the space for it. If you enjoy cooking for your family and guests, this layout is just perfect for you. An extra unconnected island is typically placed in the middle that can be used as a preparation counter, breakfast table, or a dry working zone.

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